In order to access a Console from Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM), you must install both the VNC Viewer client and a browser plugin.
NOTE: Before you begin, make sure you have uninstalled any other VNC program.

Click here (ECMconsole) to download a ZIP file containing various versions of the VNC client and the ManageIQ VNC Plugin.
Save the ZIP file to a folder of your choice.   

Double click the Zip File and then select the appropriate version of the software for your operatingsystem to install the VNC Viewer.�
Use the default install location. Make sure to install the Viewer Only!












Next double click the ManageIQVNCPlugin.msi to install the console browser plugin.
NOTE: this will install with minimal dialogue and requires no user interaction.

Once you have installed the VNC Viewer and the Manage IQ VNC Plugin restart your PC.

After installation, Console access will be available inside of ECM.