Evolve IP’s Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) provides our customers an easy to access and intuitive web interface where they can manage virtual resources in the Evolve IP Cloud.

To log into the ECM Portal and manage your vServer resources you must be using Internet Explorer 9.0 or Firefox 18.0 and above.

  1. Open a browser and enter https://portal.my-evolved-desktop.net and enter the user name and password provided to you by your project manager.
  2. When you log in you will be presented with a page displaying your current inventory of vServers.
  3. Each server is displayed with the following icon: 


    1. Top Left quadrant: Operating system of the Virtual Machine
    2. Bottom left quadrant: Virtual Machine Host’s software
    3. Top right quadrant: Power state of the Virtual Machine
    4. Bottom right quadrant:  Number of Snapshots for this VM


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