Can I still use my Licensed copy of Microsoft Outlook client when using Evolved Exchange?

Yes, there is a pricing plan built for this use case, the standard plan comes with all the great features of the product but the customer provides their own Microsoft Exchange licensing.

What is the Difference Between Evolved Exchange and Other Email Hosting Products

Many online services host email, these services often include webmail, pop3/imap and smtp access to send and receive mail. Some services also provide rich webmail access with calendars, contacts and tasks, only available via a web browser.Evolved Exchange includes the same with the added benefits of deep Outlook integration, public folders, and optional push service for mobile devices to ensure that your data is synchronized and up to date for all of your employees, on all devices.

What type of support does Evolved Exchange have for email delivery to mobile devices?

ActiveSync is included to push data to your iPhone®, Droid®, Blackberry and other smartphone devices. BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for your BlackBerry is also available for deeper blackberry integration. Blackberry Enterprise Services can be added at a low monthly fee on a per user basis.


What Operating Systems are supported with Office2010/ Outlook 2010?

You can install office 2010 on Windows XP if it has Service Pack 3 only, not on SP2 or1.   Microsoft link for reference.  PDF of Microsoft page for reference


Does Evolved Exchange Support Multiple Domains?

Yes, Evolved Exchange supports accounts with more than one email domain.


What is OWA

Outlook Web App is a webmail client.  A webmail client provides an alternative to using a traditional email client.   If you are away from your regular work PC and need to send email, you can easily open a web browser and login to Outlook directly through your web browser.


Is Evolved Exchange Secure – Does Evolved Exchange use Encryption?

Yes, there are several layers of security built into Evolved Exchange.

  • Physical security – Evolved Exchange servers are hosted in the Evolve IP SOC3 datacenter.
  • Network Security  – the Evolved Exchange platform is secured by Cisco enterprise grade firewalls with a best practices security model.
  • Exchange Security – There is an encrypted tunnel between Evolved Exchange and your email client.  If using OWA, all access is forced through a secure browser session.
  • Transport Security – All SMTP connections between Evolve IP and recipient systems are set to prefer TLS encryption.  If your recipient does not accept TLS, the message will be sent using standard SMTP protocols.  If required, Evolve IP can restrict to TLS only.

How Do We Migrate to Evolved Exchange

There are two key components to migrating your Hosted Exchange service.  First – email administrators need to redirect emails to the new email server.  Second, an import process is performed to bring in all old emails. and the second is to import your old emails.  If you are already using Exchange, you can export your email as a PST and import manually once your profile is configured for Evolved Exchange.  For more specific migration needs please contact your technology adviser.


How is storage accounted for per account?

The Evolved Exchange per user allotment is 25 GB per mailbox.


What is your retention policy?

Exchange server backups are retained for 1 week.  Exchange dumpster keeps deleted items for 14 days.


Are there any limits on attachment size?, If so, what are the limits?

25 MB attachment Size – 500 recipients per message, 1000 Maximum DL’s, 5000 MAX GAL, 10 Domains included


Do you provide content filtering, virus scan, and flagging for phishing attempts? Are these included or additional costs?

Evolved Exchange includes McAfee email defense at no additional cost.


Are users able to manage SPAM controls for their mailboxes?

Yes users have a login to manage spam for their box.

Does Evolved Exchange comply with The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and HIPAA regulations?

Evolve IP has achieved SSAE 16 SOC II/III Compliance, is an official STAR member of the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) and has announced a HIPAA & PCI Compliant Cloud Architecture Initiative.  Hosted Exchange


Is the storage shared or allocated per user? How much is allocated?

25 GB of storage is built in per user.  For example, an account with 10 seats is permitted 250 GB of storage at the account level.  The customer IT administrator must manually make shrink/grow mailbox adjustments.


If I delete a message is it gone forever?
No. When you delete a message, Microsoft Outlook puts it in your Deleted Items folder. To permanently delete a message, you can delete it from the Deleted Items Folder. With Evolved Exchange, messages are stored on the server for 7 days and are retrievable within that period. After 7 days, messages will be deleted and can not be retrieved.

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