How to create a Virtual Protection Group (VPG)

  1. In the zerto user interface, select VPG tabs à new VPG (right corner)

The new VPG step of the create VPG wizard is displayed.


  1. Specify the name of the VPG
  2. Click Next

The VMs step is displayed


  1. Select the VMs that will be part of the this VPG and click the arrow pointing right to include these VMs in the VPG
  2. Click Next

The Replication step is displayed


  1. Specify the values to use when replicating

Recovery Site – The site to which you want to recover the virtual machines.
VC/vCD – Select VCD

ZORG – This will be given during Implementation of zerto

Recovery Org vDC – This will be given during implementation of zerto

Service Profile – This will be provided by the SO and what was purchased

  1. After clicking Next, the Storage step is displayed.  By default the storage used for definition is defined during vcloud creation.
  2. Click Next, The recovery step is displayed.  Make sure the VCD option is checked.


Select the recovery settings for

Failover/Move Network – the network to use during a failover or move operation in which the recovered virtual machines will run

Failover Test Network – The network to use when testing the failover of virtual machines in the recovery site. It is recommended using a fenced-out network so as not to impact the production network at this site.

  1. Click Next, The NICs step is displayed.  In this step, you can specify the NIC details to use for the recovered virtual machine safter a failover, a test failover or migration.


Click Next, Next to reach the summary tab.

Review the information and click Done