User Guide

User Guide

Data Dictionary

Shows all available Call Center Reporting elements that are configured and available in Evolve Office Analyst, powered by Birst.  The Data Dictionary breaks down each report by expression (data field) and references the external source data. The list of expressions and sources provides all formulas and fields that are used to generate each report.  Each report is broken down in the tabs listed in the spreadsheet below.  This information is meant to assist analyst users with formula modifications, custom data reporting, BI functions, etc.

Evolved Office – Analyst Data Dictionary

Custom Reporting

As clients begin to create their own custom reports, via the Visualizer tool, having the ability to display those reports within the Dashboards has become a common request. In response to this need for customization, we have created templates which allows users to integrate custom reports with the out of the box dashboards.

This document is designed to show clients how to add custom reports to their default Dashboards and/or to customize the appearance of default Dashboards.

Analyst Custom Report QRG