We are excited to announce the upcoming release of OSSmosis 5 Call Center.  Not only has the Call Center environment been given a new look and feel, but we will also be introducing some brand new features and functionality!


What You Need To Know

  1. The OSSmosis 5 BETA release will take place on: September 26th @ 11pm
  2. The current OSSmosis 4 Call Center will remain available until the rest of the Telephony Setup functions have been built into OSSmosis 5 at least through the end of 2017.  We encourage you to use OSSmosis 5 and submit feedback, but will keep OSSmosis 4 available for your convenience during the transition.
  3. No existing functionality in the current version of OSSmosis will be lost in the release of the OSSmosis 5 Call Center environment.
  4. To access the new Call Center environment a new Call Center Beta Tab will appear underneath the Telephony Setup drop down menu in OSSmosis 4.  Clicking on this new tab will take you directly into the new OSSmosis 5 Call Center environment.

*Click here to attend a training of the new interface and features.*

What’s new?

  1. Announcement Repository: OSSmosis 5 now has the ability to store and save all WAV files added to any section that allows for customer announcements. Announcement Repository features include:
    1. User/Group – OSSmosis Admins have the ability to store a WAV file at the user or group level.  If the Admin stores it at the group level, that file is accessible to all OSSmosis Admins within their organization.  If stored at the user level, the file is only accessible to the Admin that uploaded the file.
    2. Play Back – Admins can play back an uploaded WAV file in order to listen to the announcement.  This is helpful if an Admin wants to review the contents of that announcement .
  2. Threshold and Alerts:
    1. Queue Thresholds: Queue Threshold Profiles  can be assigned to Call Center Queues and will provide yellow and red visual indicators when key queue metrics are not met in the Evolved Office Web Supervisor and Agent dashboards. The following metrics can be tracked utilizing the Queue Threshold Profiles:
      1. Current Calls in Queue
      2. Longest Waiting Call
      3. Estimated Wait Time
      4. Average Handling Time
      5. Average Speed of Answer
    2. Agent Thresholds: Agent Threshold Profiles can be assigned to agents and will provide yellow and red visual indicators when key agent metrics are not met in the Web Supervisor dashboard.  The following metrics can be tracked utilizing the Agent Threshold Profiles:
      1. Call Idle Time
      2. On-Call Time
      3. Agent Unavailable Time
      4. Average Busy In (also referred to as inbound talk time)
      5. Average Busy Out (also referred to as outbound talk time)
      6. Average Wrap Up Time
  3. Disable Message Deposit / Auto-Forward:  By enabling this new feature within the voicemail settings of a Call Center, the caller can now be transferred out of the queue to any extension or ten digit number. This provides a mechanism for a caller to opt-out of the queue and be routed to an alternative destination.
  4. Unavailable: Not Reachable: A new Agent Unavailable setting has been added to handle when an Agent becomes “not reachable” by the system.  An agent becomes not reachable when their handset is no longer registered to Evolve IP and cannot receive or place outbound calls.  Our system can place the agent in an Unavailable state to ensure calls are routed to available agents without delay.



All call center screens have a help icon that will link directly to a Knowledge Base entry providing updated help documentation for each new call center screen.


Application Support

We value your feedback!  We have added a new Application Feedback section into OSSmosis 5 for you to provide us with feedback on your user experience and submit future feature enhancements for the new OSSmosis 5 call center environment.  When you submit feedback, a ticket will be open and sent to the Product Development team for review.  Please use this for feedback on the use of the new Call Center functionality only.

***Please keep in mind that any support tickets/needs/issues will still be made through the OSSmosis 4 Help Tab or by calling into support.

To Submit Feedback:

  1. Select the Application Support tab on the Main O5 Toolbar.

2. Select Give Feedback

3. Fill out the OSSmosis 5 Feedback Form and select Submit Feedback- Image attachment is optional