We are excited to announce that the Evolve Contact Suite (ECS) will be upgraded to provide additional features and services for you and your organization. The upgrade will take place on Wednesday, May 30th @ 11:59pm ET.

What Do You Need to Do?

  1. All ECS users should download the needed software, found here before the upgrade.  Agents and Supervisors will need this in order to run the clients after the upgrade.
  2. All businesses using ECS should alert their users of the upgrade taking place for desktop applications a few days prior to the 21st. Have them logout of the application before they leave for the day on Wednesday.
  3. Users will get a notification on their next login to accept and run the update. Instruct your users to accept the application update.
  4. Click here for the an updated Supervisor Quick Reference Guide
  5. If you have any questions following the upgrade, please contact our Support team at 877.459.4347 option 5.

Why Update?

  • New Features and Functionality
  • Speed and improvements in performance
  • Bug Fixes

What are the new features and functionality?

  • Report Scheduler

All reports are now able to be scheduled for email delivery with daily, weekly, and monthly options.

  • Contact Contact Center Reports
    • Customer Experience Report – This high-level report is used to gauge the overall performance of the contact center in meeting the customer’s needs.  To view a sample report: 7 01 Customer Experience Report.
    • Customer Experience Trends Report – This high-level report is used to gauge the contact center trends.  To view a sample report: 7 02 Customer Experience Trends
    • Contact Center Performance Report – This report is used to gauge the success and identify areas of opportunity within each Business Process.  To view a sample report: 7 03 Contact Center Performance Report
  • Setup and Manager Light Deploy Capabilities

Prior to this release, all changes made within the Setup or Manager client required a full deploy and a system restart of the agent and supervisor client.  With the upgrade, most changes made within the Setup or Manager client will only require a “light deploy”, allowing for any changes to the system and setup to be made throughout the day, no longer requiring a full restart of the agent and supervisor client.

To view a full list of features that will require a Full Deploy, click here.

  • Agent Business Process Assignment with Expiration 

Within the Supervisor client you now have the ability to assign agents to Business Processes in real time.  The assignment is for a set period of time (a few hours, a day, week etc).  Once the period of time has ended the agent will be removed from the Business Process assignment automatically.

  • Quality Monitor Agents in the Current Interactions tab of a Business Process

Supervisors now have the ability to access quality monitoring functions (coach, intervene, listen) in the Current Interactions tab of the Business Process Monitor.

  • Customizable Break Types

Administrators and Supervisors are now able to customize break types such as Lunch, Meeting, Training, etc. that an agent can select to notify the system they are unavailable for inbound queue calls outside of the standard: Break and Back Office break types.  To learn more about setting up break types, click here.

  • Open Supervisor monitors into separate windows

Supervisor now has the configurable ability to open up the various Monitor functions in a separate window outside of Supervisor.