Auto Attendant Landing Page

An Auto Attendant is an automated receptionist, that provides callers with various greetings and options to transfer to another user, hunt group, call center, extension or voice mailbox.

Auto Attendant Landing Page

Select the location you wish to view and edit. Select Telephony Setup and Auto Attendant to bring up Auto Attendants for that specific location.

The following information can be found on the Auto Attendant landing page:

  1. Active/Inactive – A green check mark indicates the Auto Attendant is currently active.  A red X indicates the Auto Attendant is currently inactive.
  2. Name and DID assigned to the Auto Attendant –  Note: An Auto Attendant may not have a DID assigned if it is extension only.
  3. Extension Assigned to Auto Attendant –  Note: An extension is not mandatory if a DID has been assigned to the hunt group.
  4. Department Assigned to the Auto Attendant – Note:  It is not required to assign a Department to an Auto Attendant. A Department icon with no name attached indicates no Department has been assigned.
  5. Auto Attendant Type –  This will show the auto attendant type: Basic or Standard.  The type of Auto Attendant that is purchased will determine the number of menus available for administrators to manage.
  6. Additional options –  Selecting the options icon allows Admins to manage the Auto Attendant settings, menus and deactivate/activate the Auto Attendant.

To Make Edits to a Basic Auto Attendant Click Here

To Make Edits to a Standard Auto Attendant Click Here