Requirements for Service:

**Client must have their email already being hosted with Microsoft Office 365 before we can begin the setup of BaaS for Office 365**

  • The client does not setup anything on their side, this service is fully managed by Evolve IP. 
  • The client will not have a portal to manage the mail. 

We need the following items from the client:

  1. Office 365 administrative account to perform backups and restores.  *This does not require the client to set up a mailbox for Evolve IP.
  2. Retention requirements.  Example- 6 months
  3. Repository Size – This is based off of their data size.

The client can locate that information here::  Reports > Usage > Select a Report (drop-down) > Mailbox Usage > Storage (tab)



4.Email for Notifications


With this information, Evolve IP will be able to set up the BaaS for Office 365.