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Solution Overview

Evolve IP Hosted PBX API is an open set of tools for building software applications.  This allows customers and third-party developers the ability to securely (using XSI over HTTPS) integrate their software with the Evolved Hosted PBX platform.  If you have any further questions, please contact your Client Technology Adviser.  

Evolve IP offers out of the box integrations to more than 25 CRM applications Integrations.

Table of Contents

titleAPI Documentation

API Documentation is located below under Customer Responsibility.

Common Use Cases

Given the set of API values available, customer developers have the ability to provide some or all of the following features and functionality to their end-users:

  • Click-to-Dial from CRM applications and Web Pages
  • Inbound screen pop; Calling Line ID lookup in applications
  • Automatically pop contact records for incoming calls
  • Click and transition into application modules within customer applications
  • Real-Time Phone Presence
  • Call Control – Answer, Hold, Transfer, Hangup
  • Access to Call Forwarding and Do Not Disturb settings
  • Access to Call History


  • Drastically reduces time to lookup caller information in the Customer Applications
  • Provide the most important information about callers quickly and efficiently
  • Faster outbound dialing with Click to Call
  • Provide phone status of users within your organization (available for a call or already on a call)
  • Easy access to call handling right within customer applications

Using the Evolved Office API

Customer Responsibility

Development protocol is XSI over HTTPS.  Customers have control and flexibility for offering productivity-enhancing applications and features to their users in a seamless fashion with the approval and support of Evolve IP engineering teams. 

  1. Review API Documentation
    1. Broadworks Release 24 Documentation (ACTIVE)
      1. BW-XSIInterfaceSpec.pdf
  2. Develop the application to integrate with the Hosted PBX platform
  3. Complete the App Questionnaire
    1. Evolve IP Voice Engineering App Questionnaire

    2. Submit the completed questionnaire as a ticket via the Help Center Portal

Evolve IP Responsibility

  1. Review and validate the questionnaire for technical compliance with the platform
  2. Provide the customer developer a customer-specific URL and credentials (username and password) for connecting to Evolve IP lab servers to test the app
  3. After further development and testing is complete, voice engineering reviews the traffic and validates customer results
  4. Voice engineering coordinates when the customer is ready to move traffic to production by update the DNS for the URL to point at production servers for go-live

Additional API Documentation

For detailed API integration click here for MORE DETAILS.

Evolve IP works with 3rd party developers on a frequent basis that are familiar with writing apps to the backend platform.  If customers do not have the resources internally to write a specific productivity-enhancing application, Evolve can recommend a developer.  We first ask that customers provide a rough sketch of what they would like from the application as a ‘requirements documentation’ to help shape the conversation.


Q: What is the platform?

A: Evolve IP uses Cisco Broadworks Release 24 (R24).