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A catalog is a container that holds templates and media  files (such as an ISO) for an organization.  Organization admins can create catalogs and upload templates and media used to build new virtual machines. 

Catalog contents can be shared with other users to allow them to utilize the catalog contents.  You can upload ISO images, OVF, and OVA packages directly into the catalog. Typically, an




will not upload correctly and we recommend converting it into an OVF before uploading.

If needed, contact support at for assistance if uploading custom templates or media fails. We will need a copy of the file(s) as well as any configuration settings that we might get prompted for when uploading, such as IP addresses and system names.

Evolve IP pre-populates catalogs with virtual machine templates that can be used to create new virtual machines. These templates are updated regularly to keep


the operating system, VMware Tools, and virtual machine hardware versions up to date.