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Evolved Office: UC-One Connect Support Site (F Platform)


The UC-One Connect application is a complete unified application that enables a user to perform all forms of communication from any location.

Table of Contents

Here are the specific features of the client side application:


  • IM&P (Instant Messaging & Presence)
  • Chat Room: Public or Private with multiple people simultaneously
  • Phone & Outlook Calendar Presence
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Soft Phone Audio/Video Calling from Desktop and Mobile Application
  • Contact and Directory Searches
  • Visual Voicemail with actions to Delete, Save, Play, Fast Forward, and more
  • Audio conferencing and moderator controls


  • Desktop, Application & File Sharing capabilities with internal and external users
  • External users can also share their applications and desktop back with UC-One users
  • Call Center & Call Recording Controls
  • External Audio and Video calling through Meet

Quick Reference Guide


User Guides


Tutorials can be found


Installation Instructions

The Evolved Office: UC-One application is offered as an additional service to Premium users or part of your UC User bundle. Because it is an application offered as part of the Evolve IP suite of voice services, the installation is very easy.

The first step is ensuring that a member of Evolve IP has built your users on the platform with the UC-One licensing required to run the application. Then, follow these simple steps.

  1. Download the application using this LINK for your PC or MAC clients to install it locally on your machine. Please ensure the user or admin has proper permissions to install applications on your desktop devices.
  2. Enter the Access Code provided by Evolve IP: (Note - the Access Code is NOT your username nor password. It needs to be entered only the first time you launch UC-One Connect)
    • F Platform - NP8Z11
  3. Input your Evolve IP application username and password. Your username is your 10-digit phone number, followed by ''. As an example: 
    Password is provided by Evolve IP.
  4. Once you have logged into the client for the first time, set a few of your preferences and you’re users are up and running.
  5. Distribute and use the Quick Reference Guide to understand how to perform various common functions in the UC-One application.
  6. Support- The full user guide is available, along with FAQs listed below, to support administrators with common questions or issues.

Software Downloads



Evolve IP strives to provide the most information about a successful deployment of voice applications. When using softphones, the voice traffic now rides on the data network and often passes through customer owned firewalls and carriers ISP firewalls (Comcast, Verizon, Cox, AT&T, Time Warner, Windstream, XO, Sprint, etc). While Evolve cannot be an expert in all firewalls deployed by customers and ISPs, we do offer port openings and firewall settings that the application utilizes. Please review the attached document and investigate updates to your router/firewall for the application to perform optimally.

Firewall Rules and Policies Updates | F Platform Apr 2020

Headset Support

Please consult the User Guide for a section on headset known, tested compatibility.  Many other USB headsets will natively work with the UC-One application.

Support Info & FAQs

FAQ can be found HERE

Q: How can I shutoff the incoming call notification on my desktop for UC-One?

  • From the UC-One application, a user can shutoff the incoming call notification by dialing a Feature Access Code *13 to deactivate the incoming call notifications.  If they would like to reactivate, dial *12 from the application.

Q: What is my password?

  • Please contact your group administrator. If they do not have your application password (toolbar password), they can reset your password in the OSSmosis portal.

Q: The application says authentication failed.

  • Your username and/or password are incorrect. Group administrators can reset passwords in OSSmosis.

Q: The applications says calls unavailable.

  • A firewall is most-likely blocking voice traffic from reaching the Evolve IP network. Try using the application on a different network to pinpoint for firewall as the issue, then contact the administrator that manages your firewall to update settings to allow SIP traffic.

Q: I am getting a “network unavailable” message at the top of the screen.

  • Your application is not on the Internet. Check your Internet connection from your PC.

Q: How many simultaneous viewers can you share your desktop with?  Is it dependent on the size of the bridge a customer has with us?

  • Max amount allowed is 10. This is including yourself + 9 viewers.

Q: How can you search the Global/Corporate Directory in the UC1 mobile app?

  • You must start entering a letter or two as the corporate directory encompasses every extension on the platform so it requires a partial entry to begin the search.

Q: I cannot see or access my Outlook contacts on the UC-One Apple / Mac client.

  • Outlook Integration for the Desktop client supports various Outlook Integration features on Windows ONLY:
    • Searching local Outlook address book.
    • Outlook calendar integration, where presence status is automatically set to Busy In Meeting when an accepted meeting starts and there is no ongoing call.
  • For the optimum user experience, the Outlook privacy option must be used to disable security notifications. The following versions are supported:
    • Outlook 2010
    • Outlook 2013
    • Outlook 2016

Q: How to add common phone numbers to UC-One?

  • An authorized admin with Evolve IP will provide the requested data in CSV format with only the name (first/last) and the phone number. The following request will be updated to the organizations enterprise/group.

Q: How do I transfer a call from my desk phone to the mobile app? Or to my mobile device?

  • To transfer a call from your desk phone to the mobile app, open the mobile app then choose "Pull Call" This will seamlessly move the call to the mobile app. 
  • To move the call from the mobile app to your native mobile phone, click on the three dot icon and choose "Transfer to Mobile". This will seamlessly move the call from the mobile app to the native calling app on your mobile phone.

Q: If I am on a WiFi network and I lose that connection, will my call stay connected when my phone switches to mobile data?

  • In most cases, calls will auto-switch from WiFi to mobile data, but since there are so many variables related to Wifi networks and Mobile cell towers results can vary. The best approach is to Transfer the call to your mobile device (see above)

Q: Can I run UC-One Connect on a VPN connection?

  • UC-One Connect will run on a VPN connection, but some functionality can be unstable. As an example, stopping/re-starting your camera on a video call may not work properly.

For further assistance with your Evolved Office: UC-One experience, please open up a support ticket with the Evolve IP Support using your OSSmosis administrator portal.