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Scenario: When presented with an inbound call to your MS Teams App (desktop, mobile, MS Teams Handset) and you require to send that unanswered or rejected call to voicemail

Solution: Go into your MS Teams application → Select User Profile → Settings → Calls → Call Answering rules - Calls Ring Me (Checked) → If unanswered → Set to Voicemail

titleMicrosoft Documentation: Manage your call settings in Teams

Manage your call settings in Teams

Desktop Screenshot reference: 

Voicemail Configuration: 

Step 1: Select 'If Unanswered' setting to Voicemail 

Step 2: Configure Voicemail

Option 1: Record a Greeting (Voice Message) 

Option 2: Text-to-speech customized greeting 

Mobile Screenshot reference: 

Transfer a Call to Voicemail: 

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