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For outbound emails, an ECS SMTP Relay capability enables organizations the flexibility of sending emails from any address configured inside Setup. By enabling ECS as an authorized sender of the client’s email domains, the contact center gains the ability to easily send from any email account or address without the need for individual account authentication or concerns about the recipient’s email solution displaying phishing or spam warnings.

Table of Contents

Setting up Email and SMTP


16.  For ECS SMTP Relay Server, the SMTP Server will filled in and the From and BCC Address from the ECS SMTP Relay section will be present (note: the BCC address is editable in the test box).  To test sending an outgoing email, enter a valid email address in to the Recipient Email text box and hit send.  If everything has been configured properly, a test email will be sent to the recipient email address.

Customer Requirements for SMTP Relay

  1. If utilizing SMTP Relay the customer is responsible for adding ip4: to their SPF record.  If they do not add this, SMTP relay will not work.