The Microsoft Teams application is designed to be a very consistent, structured experience on all devices: Windows desktops, Mac, Web-browsers, iOS mobile devices, Android mobile devices, AND desktop phones and video conferencing units (VCU).  This is extremely important for businesses that are preparing for installation and training because it should minimize apprehension around call handling.  A user will perform the following functions with all the same clicks on any of those devices:

Evolve IP is responsible for consolidating and enabling businesses with the Microsoft content for How-To Videos and Guides for performing route functions.  That content is organized below and often links to Microsoft content so that it's always the MOST-CURRENT documentation with ongoing application releases.

Collaboration versus Calling:  Business Transformation is underway.  When moving toward a Microsoft Teams solution, your business values communications in the following order:

1) Collaboration 2) Meetings and conferencing- online and in-person 3) Traditional Calling

Quick Start Guide 


Interactive Demo

Microsoft Teams Interactive Demo

Video Training

Quick start

Intro to Microsoft Teams

Set up and customize your team

Collaborate in teams and channels

Work with posts and messages

Upload and find files

Start chats and calls

Manage meetings

Set up and attend live events

Explore apps and tools

Manage team schedules with Shifts

Manage your activity feed

Teams on the go

Get started with Teams (free)

Microsoft Training Content

Microsoft Teams Interactive Demo
Microsoft Teams video training Quick Start 

MS Teams Admin Training 

Getting started with Microsoft Teams