We are excited to announce the Evolve Contact Suite (ECS) v5.1.0 release that includes new capabilities for our customers.

What Do You Need to Know?

  1. Any changes made to your environment must be fully deployed via Setup before the upgrade and previously deployed versions will no longer be available after the upgrade.
  2. If you have agents staffed during the maintenance, they will experience a short period of downtime.
  3. Users will get a notification on their first login after the upgrade to accept and download the newest update. Please instruct your users to accept the application update.
  4. Review all updated documentation below, including the recently updated Report User Guide.

Why Update?

What are the new features and functionality?

What are the new Reporting features and functionality?

What are the Bug Fixes?

  1. When a Campaign setup with the LIFO (Last In First Out) Dialing Strategy is first populated with records to be dialed, the first batch of records were not always in proper sequential LIFO order.
  2. The Supervisor Client would close unexpectedly when temporarily assigning an agent to a Business Process.
  3. In Supervisor, when assigning a new expiration (greater than 12 hours), that change would incorrectly apply to all BP assignments instead of just the selected Business Process(es).
  4. In some instances, deleting flow variables would result in the Setup client closing unexpectedly.
  5. The Wait Time counter inside the Current Interactions tab of  Supervisor would display incorrect data.
  6. When performing a consulted transfer from an Agent to a user outside the contact center, the wrong Caller ID was displaying to that user.
  7. In Supervisor, a temporary assignment of an Agent to a Campaign would fail without Supervisor notification and that Agent would not receive Campaign calls.
  8. The Expected Wait Time was calculated incorrectly for some waiting interactions.
  9. Agents were unable to perform a consulted transfer after receiving a transferred interaction.
  10. After a consulted transfer, the receiving Agent’s call control was not active and they were not able to place the call on hold.
  11. Depending on the status of current interactions, Supervisors were unable to stop an active Preview Campaign.
  12. On the 7.0.3 report, the Month To Date Summary section was incorrectly calculating the interaction volume.
  13. Ad-hoc or scheduled reports for different time periods did not always generate using the customer’s time zone.
  14. On the 7.0.1 report, hourly interval time slices were not displaying properly for some customers.
  15. The Supervisor application would terminate unexpectedly with an “Out of Memory” error.
  16. When attempting to dial a contact’s mobile phone via the Directory tab of the Agent client, the system would incorrectly dial their desk phone.


Supervisor User Guide

Supervisor Quick Reference Guide

Cloud Dialer User Guide

Report User Guide

Report Scheduler Quick Reference Guide

Agent User Guide

Setup and Manager Client Help Content

API Documentation – https://ecs-apps.voip.evolveip.net/API/Help

API Sample Page – https://ecs-apps.voip.evolveip.net/API/test.html

For customers that wish to utilize the Agent and Supervisor APIs – use the following link  —  https://ecs-apps.voip.evolveip.net/Api