Product CategoryEvolve Contact Suite
Product FamilyAgent
Trouble TypeAdding an Agent
Support TierTriage
Last Updated07/19/2018

Step-by-step guide

  1. Access customer's Setup
  2. Navigate to Staff through the subsystem and click on Add icon or New Agent 
  3. After clicking Add icon, fillin/check the agent info based on customer request
  4. Scroll to the buttom to continue the agent portion
    If the agent is a regular agent then select their BP and move to the Select
    if the agent is a supervisor then select Supervised BP and move it to Selected
    (agent can also be both Agent and Supervisor)
  5. Once complete click OK and deploy
  6. After deploying the agent's name will be configured
  7. Click on the agent account name and copy their name
  8. Last step would be to activate the agent
You may also want to use visual panels to communicate related information, tips or things users need to be aware of.