This article is intended for clients administrators managing and troubleshooting end user issues

Overview: How to troubleshoot issues with Call Quality using MS Teams Admin Center - Call Analytics

Use Call Analytics to Troubleshoot Poor Call Quality

Step 1: Go to Microsoft Teams Admin Center 

Step 2: Select USERS from the Admin Panel

Step 3: From the search bar: Type in the user info (Display name = first and last name, Username = email, Phone Number = Evolve Teams DID) 

Step 4: Select Call history, and then select the call or meeting that you want to troubleshoot.

Screenshot of the call history page for a user.

Step 5: Select the Call in question to get the OVERVIEW of the Call


 A. MS Teams to MS Teams Call

B. MS Teams to Outside Caller (cell phone, VoIP line) 

C. Outside Caller (cell phone, VoIP line) to MS Teams

D. Advanced-Data Export Review

→ Call analytics export report_PSTNtoMSTeams.xlsx ←