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Steps to Add a JWT App

Login to the Clearlogin Admin Portal (

Select Apps

Select New App Connection

Select JWT

Enter the required information from the following, then Select Create JWT App

Display Name: Name that will appear for users

Icon: Add a PNG logo for the App

Accepted Access Tags: An Access Group can be added here to limit who sees the App

MFA Access Tags: Choose the Access Tags that you would like to trigger an MFA prompt

Login URL: URL that users will get redirected to when they select the App (This should be the URL with the Login Form on the page)

Audience Restriction (This name may vary from vendor to vendor): Provided by Vendor

Token Expiration: The length of time a token will be valid until it expires

Enabled: Will turn the App On/Off

Admins Only?: If Enabled, will only allows Tenant Admins to see the App

Hide on Dashboard?: If Enabled, the App will not appear on the dashboard

Once the app is created, select Edit to Add your secret (Typically provided by the Vendor)

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