Scenario: How can you set up a call pick up group with other members of your department with a Group Policy (Regular or Simultaneous).

Solution: Go into your MS Teams application → Select Your User Profile (click your profile picture at the top of Teams)→ Settings > Calls → Call Answering rules - Calls Ring Me OR Forward my Calls

Apply the following Group Policythe group policy establishes how calls will be routed to the users assigned to a Call Group

  1. In the Order Above (Regular) – Calls are distributed to users in specific order, always starting with the same user.
  2. At the Same Time (Simultaneous) – Calls are distributed to all users within the hunt group at the same time

Call Sharing

Group Call Pickup

Step 1:

A. Calls ring me and CALL GROUP 

Also Ring Call Group

B. Forward all my Calls to Call group 

Step 2: Add people to Call group 

Step 3: Confirm people to Call Group and set Ring Order → Save