This article is intended for O365 Administrators with access to Microsoft Teams Admin Center

Overview: As an admin, you manage all devices used with Teams in your organization from the Microsoft Teams admin center. You can view and manage the device inventory for your organization and do tasks such as update, restart, and monitor diagnostics for devices. You can also create and assign configuration profiles to a device or groups of devices.

Start by going to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center and login with your Office 365 credentials ← 

Step 1: Select 1 or more devices on the left by selecting the Check Mark or ALL devices 

Figure 1: Selected 2 devices 

Figure 2: Selected ALL devices 

Step 2: Select the device, confirm MAKE/MODEL, and check for any available updates 

Step 3: Select the Update prompt to: Update the firmware now or 'Schedule Command' option 

Select UPDATE to complete