The virtual machine must be powered on.
This operation requires the rights included in the predefined vApp User role or an equivalent set of rights.

Virtual Machine Remote Console (VMRC)

VMware Remote Console provides an embedded user-guest interaction in all virtual machines that are provisioned and managed by vCloud Director.
This is the preferred method of controlling the console of a virtual machine as it provides the best experience.
  1. Download the installer:
    1. Launch the executable and follow through the installation.
  2. After installation the VMRC will launch when selecting from the Actions menu of a virtual machine.

Web Console

You can connect to the console of a virtual machine even if you do not have VMRC installed on your local system.
  1. From the Actions menu of the virtual machine select Launch Web Console.
  2. The web console is opened in a new browser window.
  3. Click anywhere in the console window to start using your keyboard, mouse, and other input devices in the console.

The first portion of the animation is for the Web Console. The second demonstrates installation and use of the VMRC.