The Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice solution leans on the Microsoft Phone System as the primary PBX and our Evolve IP Cisco Broadsoft platform as the advanced PBX.  Given that the Microsoft phone system is the primary PBX, administrators are expected to provider Tier 1 troubleshooting, as indicated in the Statement of Work in the sales paperwork.  Administrators are expected to check common Tier 1 activity, such as, but not limited to: authentication, issue replication, device settings for headsets, microphones, network connectivity, gathering device and machine logs for Tier 2 and Tier 3 troubleshooting from Evolve, and more.

The Microsoft Call Quality and Analytics Dashboard is the first place administrators will access to determine overall call quality across the enterprise, location or individual users.  The information will help determine isolated issues versus more system networking or global issues.  For more detailed information on the Microsoft Call Quality and Analytics Dashboard, please click here.