When new products and services are implemented throughout an organization, getting the proper configuration takes time by experienced professionals.  The Evolve IP Service Delivery team is comprised of experienced professionals dedicated to the end-to-end process of getting your Hosted PBX platform, users, applications, training, and follow up for a smooth transition.  They will work with customer administrators on the design and implementation of your Hosted phone system, as well as provide recommendations for making improvements for the way users communicate and your calls are routed today.

Evolve IP provides professional installation services for customers choosing Evolve IP products.  It is critical that customers review, understand, and select the appropriate installation package based on their needs. Evolve IP offers installation options for full hands-on installation of network equipment (routers, gateways, switches) and all handsets on user’s desks.  These may be full time Evolve employees or more commonly approved sub-contractors.  For customers that have technical staff available and capable of installing all network equipment and handsets on desks, they may elect to forego any installation packages.

The Evolved Office Relocation Package is for existing customers looking to move voice services from one location to another.  The relocation package provides professional coordination to plan and execute a customer office move.  The package is broad and will have discounts applied based on services needed to complete the move.  Some services are mandatory for a customer, such as e-911 updates.  Any customer moving locations must have a signed sales order executed for operational personnel to assist with a move.