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Special Days make up all the holidays and special days that an organization may close their office or operate on a different schedule than their regular business hours.

Table of Contents

How to Add Special Days

  1. Select the New Icon next to Calendars
  2. A new calendar node will open.


8. In each new day entry, label it, enter in the date when the special day will occur, and from the special day drop down select the special day (created in the special days section – steps 4 & 5 above ) to associate with the date.

Adding Special Days to Operating Hours

  1. Select Business Structure under subsystems.
  2. Drill down into the contact center.


7. If you have multiple specials days open, but with different operating hours, you will need to select Operating Hours on Special Days view to bring up the list of operating special days a second time.  In this second view you will need to select the special day you are open and the operating hours that differ from the previous special day operating hours.

8. Save and Deploy

Utilizing Dynamic Announcements

Dynamic announcements are used in conjunction with Special Days scheduling and provides Admins the ability to replace special day announcements on-the-fly without impacting services. The announcement will be played only on the special day defined in the operating hours.


Upload a new .Wav file in the existing announcement and update the chat text.  This will automatically update the file where it is currently being utilized in the interaction handling flow.

Typical Channel Interaction Handling flow:

The Channel Interaction Handling Flow