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titleOSSmosis 5, Sprint 206 - Release 2, (12/7/2023)
  • The "Email Address" and "Preferred Start Page" fields now update correctly in the UI on the "User Preferences" page
  • Fixed various UI issues that resulted in changes not being reflected properly
  • Added a new front-end wizard for mass-editing of time schedules
  • Added CSV importing/exporting for time schedules
  • Created a background task processor for mass-editing of time schedules
  • The "License Change" function on the "User Features" page now properly refreshes after changes have been made
  • Users without the voicemail service no longer populate on the "Voice Portal Settings" page
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Added validation when editing schedules to ensure that a valid time span is chosen
  • Fixed a system error that would appear when adding a Cisco device as an SCA device

titleOSSmosis 5, Sprint 206 - Release 1, (11/30/2023)


titleOSSmosis 5, Sprint 205 - Release 2, (11/23/2023)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in Dubber not being addable to new enterprises
  • Optimized user provisioning so that it's much faster now
  • Fixed an issue that disallowed new users from being provisioned in production
  • Fixed an API error that wouldn't allow for bulk modification of Teams licenses
  • Various UI issues specific to Firefox have been resolved

titleOSSmosis 5, Sprint 205 - Release 1, (11/16/2023)
  • Created an admin reporting tool for pulling reports related to who an admin of an organization is, what locations they manage, and what role they currently have
  • Open seating information now properly displays on the unprovision dialogue box
  • SCA devices can now be created without a MAC address
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow for locations to be created within existing enterprises