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FeaturePBX License TypeDefinition
AnywherePremiumAllows users to define one or more phone numbers or network locations (soft clients or other applications) that can be used as extensions to your profile. Calls are delivered to all phone numbers or locations that are enabled in the user’s Anywhere profile.
Remote OfficePremiumAllows use of a home phone, cell phone or any other 10-digit phone number as your business phone. This feature redirects all calls coming to your business phone to the remote office phone.

BEST PRACTICE: Remote Office and Contact Center Agents working via their Mobile Phone

Utilizing the Remote Office feature to route contact center calls to Agents via mobile phones is a quick way to activate business continuity. However, there are a few "gotchas" introduced in this scenario that could result in contact center calls being routed to the mobile phone's voicemail. For most contact centers, routing callers to the Agent's personal voicemail would be highly undesirable. The following scenarios should be understood and discussed with your agents to prevent this situation.

  1. if the mobile phone is out of coverage, the caller will route to the mobile phone's voicemail
  2. if the agent is Ready / Available and doesn't answer the call in less than the number of "rings" configured on their wireless carrier's voicemail settings, the caller will route to the mobile phone's voicemail
  3. if the agent "rejects" the call on their mobile phone, the caller will route to the mobile phone's voicemail


The Call Center Continuity – Best Practices Guide is meant to provide customers with definitions and use cases for Call Center Continuity and DR features that are provided as part of Evolve IP’s Call Center product.   This guide is not meant to serve as a default process document, but instead as an informational overview of how features perform and common use cases where they are important.