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  • Power failures
  • Inclement weather (Snowstorms, Hurricanes, Flooding)
  • Carrier Access (last mile) outages
  • Other network interruptions (ISP, Carriers, equipment failures, etc)

Business Continuity Considerations

Routing Best Practices

  • Callbacks. The native Callback feature included with ECS is the best solution to handle high volume and / or low Agent staffing periods. We highly encourage the use of Callbacks to minimize caller frustration, reduce abandons, and shift caller demand to when an Agent is available.
  • Check Busy or Idle Agents. This Interaction Handling Flow Activity can be leveraged to build routing logic based upon Agent availability. If all Agents are Busy or Unavailable, the customer can be notified to set their expectations and offer a Callback. If there is an Agent available, this step can be skipped.
  • Avoid Voicemail! Although Voicemail may seem like a viable option to handle peak periods, it actually will make the matters worst. A contact center that can't handle the inbound call volume is equally unequipped to place outbound calls in an effort to reach the party that left a Voicemail. This is further exacerbated since it often takes multiple outbound calls to reach the original caller. In practice, the vast majority of contact centers find Voicemail actually creates added frustration for the caller and the Agents.
  • Leverage a Routing Channel. Many clients have implemented a Routing Channel that serves as the "front door" to the contact center. By directing all incoming calls to a single Routing Channel, it becomes very easy to add emergency messaging that can be activated easily by the contact center leadership. Similarly, the Routing Channel empowers the contact center leadership to activate emergency routing plans that are pre-built. These routing plans may be to close certain (or all) portions of the contact center to maximize the staffing, to route calls to a third-party contact center, or direct callers into a Callback.


For clients that deploy ECS without Evolve IP's PBX or Unified Communications solutions (UCaaS), there are a few solutions including the Change Extension and the native softphone. If given permission, an Agent can activate the Change Extension feature to route calls to any 10-digit DID (like a mobile phone or landline) and continue operating seamlessly. The ECS Agent application also includes a native softphone. Agents can operate from anywhere with an Internet connected device and headset when leveraging a softphone.


Creating / Modifying ECS Agents