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Click-to-call / click-to-dial capabilities in Microsoft Teams is a feature that is routinely asked about by prospective customers.  There are several considerations to the topic, making it hard to give a simple Yes or No response. 

This document will cover various scenarios where click-to-call is / not possible with instructions on how to enable it.

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titleBrowser Compatibility

With each browser having unique features and characteristics, the ability to click-to-call can vary. Without venturing down the path of Browser extensions or plugins, native capabilities of the top few browser options: 

  • Google Chrome: Chrome can support click to call, but you will see that some of the other factors can impact which numbers are clickable and which aren’t 
  • Microsoft Edge: TBD
  • Mozilla Firefox: TBD

How to Click-to-Call 

There are several configurations required to enable click-to-call from a browser. These include operating system, web programming, and browsers themselves

Windows 10

Configure Operating System

Note: Other versions of Windows might have different specific instructions. 

The first step is to ensure Teams is the default application for the TEL protocol on your local computer in the operating system properties.  Protocols are bits of code that trigger actions from installed applications.  An example is when you click a link that starts with HTTP. HTTP is a protocol associated with your default web browser.  Enabling click to call works in the same fashion, but instead of HTTP the most common protocol for telephony is TEL.  

Click Windows + I key to open Settings.  Search for "protocol" and select the Choose default apps by protocol option

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Navigate to the following protocols: CALLTO / SIP / SIPS / TEL

Set each to use Microsoft Teams as default

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With the defaults changed, clicking phone numbers in Chrome browser with the proper identification should now prompt you to perform the call via Microsoft Teams

Configure Browser

Restart your Browser and browse to a page with a phone number. 

Find and single click the number to call

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A prompt will occur

Select "Open Microsoft Teams"

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Click "Call" once Microsoft Teams opens and prompts you

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Note: MacOS wants to use Facetime, iPhone and Handoff for call handling.

Configure Facetime

Open Facetime, Prefererences

Set Default for calls as shown

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Q: The Phone Numbers are not showing up as links.  The Phone Numbers are not clickable

A: The authors of the web page you are visiting must setup Phone Numbers to be clickable using the TEL or other protocols.  If you have configured your computer correctly, contact the authors of the web page.

Q: Phone numbers in Google don't open in Teams.  Calling from Google opens Google Voice / Hangouts / Meet

A: When using Google Chrome, Google takes over the default actions associated with many protocols and prevents MS Teams from launching.