Evolved Office: Skype Communicator (A-Platform)

The Evolve Office Skype Communicator is a Broadsoft application designed for Skype for Business users. The application follows the UC-One application framework and uses platform settings to enable Skype Connect versus UC-One.

The Skype Communicator is able to successfully manage processes between the native Skype for Business application and the Broadsoft platform for enhanced functionality. This application is available to be installed on desktops running Windows OS only. Please note, there is no timeline for a Mac release at this time.


  • Phone presence status, including do not disturb updated in the Skype client, automatically from the phone platform
  • Click to Call with Desk Phone or soft phones via the public network from within your Microsoft Skype for Business client
  • Soft phone audio calling with full call handling, such as: Mute, End Call, Transfer, Hold & Conferencing
  • Video calling with full call handling features mentioned above
  • Incoming call notifications on the desktop to accept or decline

Full User Guide

Skype Communicator User Guide for Windows V22.2

Installation Instructions & Software Downloads

The Evolved Office: Skype Communicator appplication is offered as an additional service to Premium users. Because it is an application offered as part of the Evolve IP suite of voice services, the installation is very easy.

The first step is ensuring that a member of Evolve IP has built your users on the platform with the UC-One licensing required to run the application. Then, follow these simple steps.

  1. Download the application using the link and steps provided in the Full User Guide
  2. Support- The full user guide is available, along with FAQs listed below, to support administrators with common questions or issues.

Application Downloads

A-Platform Desktop Application 



Skype Communicator - A Cluster - Firewall Rules and Policies Updates

Evolve IP strives to provide the most information about a successful deployment of voice applications. When using softphones, the voice traffic now rides on the data network and often passes through customer owned firewalls and carriers ISP firewalls (Comcast, Verizon, Cox, AT&T, Time Warner, Windstream, XO, Sprint, etc). While Evolve cannot be an expert in all firewalls deployed by customers and ISPs, we do offer port openings and firewall settings that the application utilizes. Please review the attached document and investigate updates to your router/firewall for the application to perform optimally.

Headset Support

Many other headsets will natively work with the Skype Communicator  application. Here is information on what has been inter-op tested by manufacturers.

It is possible to control incoming and ongoing calls from a compatible headset (Windows only). The feature set supported is answer/hang up as well as mute/unmute and volume up/down. The following Plantronics headsets have been tested, although other Plantronics devices should also work.
Voyager Pro UC, Savi 700 series, Blackwire C3xx, 4xx, 5xx, 7xx, Calisto 620, Audio 628USB
The Mobile clients for iPhone and Android support the use of a Bluetooth device for incoming and outgoing calls.
The following headsets have been tested, although other devices should also work:
Plantronics Voyager Legend, Plantronics m155
Note that the Mobile clients support switching the audio source within the application between the Bluetooth device and the phone microphone and speaker. Answering a call, hang up, mute, and adjusting the volume from the Bluetooth device are not supported.

The Tablet (iPad) client does not support the use of a Bluetooth device for incoming and outgoing calls.

Support Info & FAQs

What is my username?

  • This is your 10-digit phone number.

What is my password?

  • Please contact your group administrator. If they do not have your application password (toolbar password), they can reset your password in the OSSmosis portal.

The application says authentication failed.

  • Your username and/or password are incorrect. Group administrators can reset passwords in OSSmosis.

The applications says calls unavailable.

  • A firewall is most-likely blocking voice traffic from reaching the Evolve IP network. Try using the application on a different network to pinpoint for firewall as the issue, then contact the administrator that manages your firewall to update settings to allow SIP traffic.

I am getting a “network unavailable” message at the top of the screen.

  • Your application is not on the Internet. Check your Internet connection from your PC.

For further assistance with your Evolved Office: Skype Communicator experience please open up a support ticket with the Evolve IP NSOC using your OSSmosis administrator portal.