Evolve IP’s Enhanced Reporting provides Call Center customers with the ability to generate on-demand enhanced reports as well as scheduled reports for future delivery. Enhanced reporting provides a robust set of report templates and allows administrators to define customized templates.  Enhanced Reporting is included with Evolve IP’s Call Center Supervisor.

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For full user guide, please visit the Call-Center-Enhanced-Reports-Guide

Report Categories

Reports templates are divided into two categories: Agent and Call Center

  • Agent Report templates allow customers to generate reports containing statistical information about one or more agents. 
  • Call Center Report templates allow you to generate reports that include statistics related to one or more call centers or one or more Dialed Number Identification Services (DNISs) for a selected call center

In addition, reports can be real-time or historical, and they can be interval-based or not interval-based.  Rolled up Statistics will be held for up to 1 year.  Detailed data and 1/4 hour interval stats are available for 90 days.

Report Types

  • A real-time report includes statistics for a period that has a start date and time, but no end date and time. 
  • A historical report includes statistics for a specified time period in the past. 

Report Templates

  • A real-time report template can be used to generate both real-time and historical reports. 
  • A historical report template can only be used to generate historical reports. 
  • An interval-based report template is a template that is used to generate reports that include interval statistics.

Sample View – Agent Report Pie Chart

Sample View – Call Center Report

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