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If an application does not require a sign in, you can add a Bookmark App to your user's dashboard.  This comes in handy for vendor websites, general use sites like search engines, news sites, or social media sites.  You can also add your own corporate website to a user's dashboard.

If you are unable to find your app in the catalog, you can create a custom Bookmark app below.

Steps to Add a Bookmark App

  • At the bottom of the page in the Custom Connections section, select the Password Manager App

  • Using the below tables as a reference, enter the required information and then select Create Bookmark App

General Settings

Setting NameDescription
Display NameThis name will be shown at the bottom of the app tile in the user's dashboard.

Upload a custom image file, which will be used in the app tile in the user's dashboard.

  • Canvas Size: 834px X 834px (larger images will be shrunk down)
  • Supported Formats:  JPEG, GIF, PNG

To properly align the app's logo/icon within the 834 x 834 canvas size, create the following white space around the logon/icon:

  • Top - 97px
  • Right Side:  154px
  • Bottom - 252px
  • Left Side - 154px
Accepted Access Tags

Bookmark apps support multiple access tags to allow different sets of users access to the web site.

Choose the access tags that you would like to allow access to this App Connection.

  • If you leave this blank then all users will be given access.
  • If you choose Nobody, then it will not be shown on the user dashboard.

For more information on Access Tags, refer to the Clearlogin Applications article.

URL Settings

Setting NameDescription
Login URL

This is the URL of website you are bookmarking. For example:

Additional Settings

Setting NameDescription

This will enable or disable the app.  When it's disabled, it will not show on the user dashboard.

  • Enabled (default)
  • Disabled
Admins Only

When selected, only user accounts assigned the admin role will see the app on the user dashboard.

  • Enabled
  • Disabled (default)
Hide on Dashboard

When selected, the app will be hidden from the user dashboard.

  • Enabled
  • Disabled (default)

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