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There are two web portals in Clearlogin.  The Clearlogin Admin Portal allows you to control and configure your Clearlogin tenant including your identity sources, user profiles, and application connectors. 

The Clearlogin User Portal contains the user's app dashboard, which allows them to access your organization's applications.  Each Clearlogin tenant uses a unique URL for the user portal by defining a subdomain of the top-level domain.  For example:

You can modify your subdomain in the admin portal, but it has to be unique in the Clearlogin multi-tenant environment.  Sign into the admin portal and navigate to:  Settings > Advanced 


Changing your subdomain affects the URL your users use to log in, and any URLs you have configured in third party applications for SAML or JWT federation. 

The Admin Portal

The Clearlogin Admin Portal is where you configure your Clearlogin tenant.  This includes identity sources, user profiles, application connectors, security settings, and reporting.  You can also customize the branding of the user portal with your company's colors, logos, and policies.

The User Portal & Dashboard

The User Portal contains the user's app dashboard, which gives your user's a central location to access the company's applications.  Users can customize their dashboard in the following ways:

  • Change the size of their app tiles
  • Show/Hide individual app tiles
  • Auto-launch one or more apps after initial login
  • For each password app tile, set the user/pwd credentials for the app


Refer to the Portal & Dashboard Tour article in the end-user guide for more information.

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