Business Structure: Address Book

The Address Book Tab under the Business Structure provides the ability to upload external contacts that can be accessed by all Supervisors and Agents and organize the order in which contacts appear in the directory.


  1. Import Contacts  – Import multiple Contacts via a CSV (Comma delimited) file. Headers should include the contacts name and one (or more) of the following: Mobile Phone, Work Phone, Home Phone, Primary Email and Secondary email.  Click Here to download a sample file.
  2. Add New – Allows you to add one contact at a time.
  3. Delete – Click on one or multiple contacts (holding down Ctrl) and selecting the delete icon to delete the contacts from the address book
  4. External Contacts – work area in which all the external contacts are listed
  5. New Contact Number – Selecting this icon within a contacts allows you to add another contact number or email address to the contact to be stored and made available to agents within the directory.
  6. Delete Contact Number – Deletes the specific contact number or email assigned to the individual contact

Agent Address Book

The agent address book allows Admins to organize the order contacts appear in the Agent and Supervisors contact directory.  In the example below, when agents open their contact directory, Supervisors will be listed first, followed by Agents, Business Entities, Contacts and PBX Contacts (non-contact center user within the enterprise).

To adjust the order, simply select the group from the drop down in the order you wish to appear.