Business Structure: CRM

The ECS CRM is a contact management system that allows agents and supervisors to add and manage new and existing contacts.

Default Template

The default template is used for a contact search or contact upload.  Ensure specific Custom Field Names are not editable in the default template if agents should not have the ability to edit certain contact information.

  1. Source Table – not an editable field
  2. Source Table Field Name – not an editable field
  3. Custom Field Names – editable field.  This field name will appear to the agent with the appropriate contact information to follow.  Each custom field can be adjusted to suit the needs of an organization.
  4. Order – order number the custom field name will appear to the agent
  5. Visible – determines whether the field name is visible to the agent (Allowed – Visible / Denied – Not Visible)
  6. Editable – determines whether the field is editable by the agent (Allowed – Editable / Denied – Not Editable)
  7. Is Required – determines whether the field is required to have information.  Not recommended in case some information is not known.
  8. Format – not recommended to change the default settings
  9. Min Length – not recommended to change default settings

CRM Display Templates

CRM display templates determine what contact information is exposed and can be edited by the agent.  Each Business Process can have a unique display template.

Adding a New Template:

  1. Select the icon to add a new template.  Provide the template with a name.

  2. Click on the new template to drill down and edit

3. Edit the Custom Field Name, Order, Visible, Editable and Is Required field for the template.

4. Once a template has been created, drill down into the Business Process under Handling Defaults to apply.

5. Save and Deploy changes

6. When an agent accepts an interaction they will see either the default CRM template or the Custom CRM display template assigned to the Business Process the interaction came through.