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Business Structure – Caller ID

The Caller ID section provides configuration for outbound caller ID’s as well as inbound test flow origins.

Customer defined Caller ID’s

To add a new outbound Caller ID:

  1. Select the “New” icon

2. Read & accept the authorization pop-up

3. Once added, the new defined Caller ID will be available under your Business Process > General tab for assignment. Outbound calls from this business process will now reflect the assigned number.

Test Flow Origins

Test flow origins are utilized while building or testing new Interaction Handling Flows.  Applying this functionality provides a way to test new design ideas without impacting live operations.  This section indicates which specific origin numbers will route to configured test flows rather than live flows.

In the below example only calls from 610-230-0797 will route to configured channel and business process test flows.  All other inbound numbers will route to configured live flows.

Right clicking an Interaction Handling Flow will present an actionable menu to assign as either a live or test flow.