Implementation: Skills

Skill based routing will help give granular control over which agents will receive specific call types.  This helps to properly align the right agent to each call by defining each agent skill type (proficiency’s) with each call type.

By default specific skills are already pre-populated into the Setup portal.  Any new skill that needs to be created will be done under the Implementation: Skills tab.  Assigning the skill to an agent is done in Staffing under Agent Characteristics.

  • Adding a New Skill

Adding a New Skill

  1. Click on the Add New icon to add a new Skill
  2. A new value box will open.  Enter in the new skill


3. Once a skill has been added, save your changes and perform a light deploy.  The newly created skills will now be available to add to an agent profile and demands within in a Business Process.  To learn how to apply skills to demand filters, click here.