The voice recorder activity allows customers to record answers and to be redirected in a flow depending on the answer.  The recordings are part of the respective interaction.  The recording is stored in history.  The setup of the recording can be customized based on the needs of each organization with information such as the recording time, auto detection, and programmed entry keys.  Simple play capabilities can be built in with the voice recorder activity. The voice recorder activity can be used in conjunction with other existing activities such as including a callback recording in a callback.


Setup Voice Recorder Activity

Add the Voice Recorder activity from “Announce & Collect” in the right sidebar.

The Voice Recorder activity can be customized by:

  • Type-Indicates the category of the recording:
    • Callback- A recording that can be associated to a callback so that a customer can be recorded.
    • Media Repository- A media repository file can be played with this Type.
  • Recording End Detection Method- A period of silence or selection of a Termination Key can be used to signal that recording should end.
  • Pre Recording Silence Interval-The amount of silent time to wait for a response before a message is repeated.
  • Post Recording Silence Interval-The amount of silent time after a recording that will indicate the end of a recording if Silence Interval is the Recording End Detection Method. The default is 2 seconds.
  • Termination Key-The key that should be selected to terminate a recording if Termination Key is the Recording End Detection Method. The default Termination Key is #.
  • Max Recording Time-The maximum amount of time that is allowed for a recording. The maximum and default time that can be configured is 120 seconds.


If Type equals Media Repository, a Media Repository File Name must be selected from the dropdown.  Note: A Media Repository File is required to be configured in order to be displayed in the dropdown.

Recording End Detection Method

Note: Simple Play can be used to set up a message before the Voice Recorder starts.

All input and output legs must be connected within the flow


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