We are excited to announce the Evolve Contact Suite (ECS) v5.2.0 release that includes new capabilities for our customers.

What Do You Need to Know?

  1. Any changes made to your environment must be fully deployed via Setup before the upgrade and previously deployed versions will no longer be available after the upgrade.
  2. If your organization is staffed during the maintenance, they will experience a short period of downtime (less than 10 minutes).
  3. Users will get a notification on their first login after the upgrade to accept and download the newest update. Please instruct your users to accept the application update.

This release contains the following application fixes:

  1. Improved performance of the Supervisor application.
  2. Improved performance of the Contacts tab in the Agent client which will now require the Agent to search for Contacts if they aren’t included in the initial list.
  3. An Agent was repeatedly offered the same interaction.
  4. The Supervisor application unexpectedly closed.
  5. Inbound calls were not being offered to an Available agent.
  6. Inbound calls were not being properly prioritized over outbound Callback & Campaign calls.
  7. The Handled and Abandoned counts in the Monet WFM Feed didn’t match the 7.0x reports.
  8. Added a new “Delete Old Flows” command in Setup to remove older versions of the Interaction Handling Flow that typically would be deleted after 14 days.
  9. A Callback Schedule could not be saved in Supervisor.

This release also contains the following report updates.


Description of the Change


Added an Average Break Time section

1.04Ensured the Break Labels are displayed
2.01Changed how the report displays when an Agent consults another Agent during an interaction. Previously, this would show as 2 interactions. Now, this will show up as a single interaction that includes both segments.
2.01Replaced the Call Time field with a Duration field that displays the entire length of the interaction
5.05Updated the calculation of the Staffed Agent field
7.01Ensured that the Time Slice labels are displayed for an Hourly Interval report
7.01Removed a “Not Defined” section and extra rows
7.03Updated the Calls Queued and Calls Answered calculations in the MTD Summary section
7.01 & 7.03Updated the calculation of the Service Level field
8.01Updated the calculation of the Average Abandon Time, Calls Overflowed, and Transferred Out External fields
AllAddressed an issue where the Display Language field was empty and uneditable
AllCorrected the date selection for the Last x Days options in the Period field
AllCreated new Shared Datasets for customers who create Custom Reports using Report Builder
AllRemoved the report name from the spinning wheel displayed when a report is loaded
AllCorrected the Time Zone calculation when scheduling reports
AllAdded a “This Month” entry to the Period filter and rearranged that list
1.06Updated the calculation of the Occupancy field
5.05Updated the Calls Queued and Calls Abandoned calculations
7.01 & 7.03The Callbacks Requested field now includes Callbacks initiated outside o
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