We are excited to announce the Evolve Contact Suite (ECS) v5.3.5 release that includes new capabilities for our customers that will be available on December 12, 2021.

What do you need to know?

  1. Any changes made to your environment must be fully deployed via Setup before the upgrade and previously deployed versions will no longer be available after the upgrade.
  2. If your organization is staffed during the maintenance, they will experience a short period of downtime (less than 10 minutes).
  3. Users will get a notification on their first login after the upgrade to accept and download the newest update. Please instruct your users to accept the application update.
  4. For more details about the steps each customer can take after the release, see the Post Release Testing article. 

This release contains the following feature enhancements:

  1. In Setup, parameters that can be selected for Contacts are more visible to the user.
  2. An Agent can view the number of callbacks scheduled for a given time period to prevent scheduling too many callbacks for the desired time when scheduling.  The scheduled callback count is displayed according to the Agent/ Business Process callback selected during the Callback request step by agents.
  3. The current status of all agents is displayed on the Agent Monitor.
  4. Routing data can be exported without a Zip file.
  5. Exported routing data can be sorted on the RoutingDataID column.
  6. Enhanced Supervisor client app session handling to prevent disconnection.
  7. Allow the correct wrap up time to be displayed for agents.

This release contains the following reporting enhancements:

  1. User interface for Reporting updated with uniform design for all reports.
  2. Report filter updated so that obsolete Business Processes are not included.

This release contains the following bug fixes:

  1. An Agent could not make a private outgoing call to a Business Process when in "Break" state.
  2. Events subscribers did not get an Interaction-Offerd-To-Agent event when in "Break" state and on a private interaction with other agent(s).
  3. In cases when HPBX calls are declined by an agent extension multiple times (usually due to extension issues), the call becomes a "stuck" call in the system and cannot be answered by any subsequent agents that will be offered the call.
  4. An Agent who accepted a consulted transfer could not make any subsequent consulted transfers in the same Channel within the same interaction.
  5. When an HPBX Agent transferred a call, the state was not correctly changed to Back Office state for specific transfers.
  6. When an HPBX Agent transferred a call to another Business Process, the agent state is incorrectly changed to "Missed Call” state.
  7. An HPBX Agent could not transfer to another HPBX Agent in the same Business Process or make an attended transfer.
  8. Agent Console APP - Commands are missing for the agent's interaction if the offered interaction was an attended transfer.
  9. Agent Average Speed of Answer incorrectly accounted for Consult calls.
  10. Supervisor "Total Transferred Out Internal" KPI on the Business Process Monitor was not counting as designed.
  11. The Supervisor “Total Transferred Out Internal” KPI on the Business Process Monitor incorrectly accounted for Callbacks offered to an Agent.
  12. The Supervisor "Total Transferred Out Internal" KPI on the Business Process Monitor incorrectly accounted for Campaigns offered to the Agent.
  13. Supervisor "Average Ring Time" KPI on Agent Monitor incorrectly included the Offered time for Callback and Preview calls in the Ring time average calculation.
  14. Supervisor "Internal Agents" KPI on Agents Monitor did not decrease in count when the internal call ended.
  15. The Supervisor Agent Monitor Last Login Time KPI was not displaying the Last Login time (Only the Date was displayed).
  16. Supervisor KPI Answered As Consult on Agent Monitor was incorrectly incremented for rejected consult calls between agents.
  17. Supervisor KPI Average Ring Time on Agent Monitor was not being updated only with accepted calls.
  18. Supervisor "Consult Or Conference Agents" KPI on the Business Process Monitor was miscounting internal calls between agents that were rejected by a receiving party.
  19. Supervisor "Private Agents" KPI on Business Process Monitor was miscounting internal calls between agents that were rejected by a receiving party.
  20. Supervisor "Average Ring Time" KPI on Agent Monitor incorrectly included missed calls in the average calculation. (Only answered calls should be included.)
  21. The Answered Interactions KPI on Supervisor for chat media type was not updated in real time.
  22. The KPI exported to Excel had incorrect formatting.
  23. When an Agent selected an outgoing Business Process name for an outgoing call, the selected Business Process was not held for the next outgoing call.
  24. Incorrect ring counter was calculated if an Agent accepted an interaction when the Agent manually changed to "Ready" state after being in "No Answer" state due t not accepting a previous call.
  25. Agent could not accept chat interactions via Select Agent/ Queue Activities that included a sub flow.
  26. Agent could not save or print chat transcripts.
  27. An interaction that overflowed from one Business Process to another Channel incorrectly created a new InteractionID in History Database and reporting.
  28. After a system restart, the default load allowance was displayed to the Agent instead of the custom load allowance.
  29. The value for load allowance combination was not displayed.
  30. When an Agent sent a large SMS, a duplicate SMS was sent, and a SMS could not be sent without an attachment.

This release contains the following reporting fixes:

  1. The 3.01 report displayed incorrect duration time when start time was greater than end time.
  2. The 3.04 Report was not including the Business Process if the related interaction was in "Handling", "Consulting" or "In Conference" state.
  3. The 7.03 report had an incorrect calculation for Percent of Intervals meeting Service Level.
  4. The 7.03 & 7.05 reports did not correctly exclude or include the Short Abandons in Average Abandon Time per setup.
  5. The 7.03 report did not display the correct value for Email Overflow.
  6. The Report Scheduler showed the same report name twice.
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