We are excited to announce the Evolve Contact Suite (ECS) v5.3.7 release that includes new capabilities for our customers that will be available on February 13, 2022.

What do you need to know?

  1. Any changes made to your environment must be fully deployed via Setup before the upgrade and previously deployed versions will no longer be available after the upgrade.
  2. If your organization is staffed during the maintenance, they will experience a short period of downtime (less than 10 minutes).
  3. Users will get a notification on their first login after the upgrade to accept and download the newest update. Please instruct your users to accept the application update.
  4. For more details about the steps each customer can take after the release, see the Post Release Testing article. 

Technical Release Notes are accessible via 5.3.7 - Evolve IP Knowledge Base - The Evolve IP Knowledge Base.

This release contains the following feature enhancements:

  1. Allow Agents and Supervisors using a secondary HPBX device (UC1 or Teams) to switch from using a primary or secondary device in Settings; this capability can be utilized as Agents/ Supervisors move between different locations.
  2. New link to allow customer input accessible on the ECS Portal.
  3. Agent in Break state cannot initiate a private interaction to a Business Process and is presented with an error message; Agent must change state to Ready, Backoffice or Handle Outgoing to initiate a private interaction to a Business Process or Channel.
  4. The formula for predictive dialer changed how phone interactions are sent to queues;  it was updated to include idle agents with busy agents that are about to end their current call.  The time frame used to count the number of successful phone interactions that an Agent completed was extended from 5 to 15 minutes.  This count is used to determine a more realistic average in the formula, and will decrease the number of abandoned calls from predictive dialer.  The formula used to determine the average based on the length of time it takes an Agent to complete a call before being idle was also updated to increase the calls taken by Agents.  Overall, this will result in more phone interactions between Agents and callers. 

This release contains the following bug fixes:

  1. In Setup, deleting a value in a load allowance deletes the entire combination.
  2. In Setup, changes to load allowance values were requiring a full deploy instead of a light deploy; a tooltip of this behavior was missing and needed to be added.
  3. In Setup, the selections for Change Interaction Origin on Business Process Transfer in the setup for Business Structure should only have options for "Enabled" or "Disabled"; "Default" was incorrectly an option for selection.
  4. In Setup, an error message was incorrectly displayed when testing an outgoing email message.
  5. All routing data can be successfully uploaded without workaround to upload
  6. A custom interaction type could be created without adding a media type; warning needed to be presented so that media Type was added.
  7. After opening the "Gather and send report" window, Supervisor could not navigate to any other areas in Supervisor.
  8. The system would crash for the Supervisor when accepting an incoming SMS; after logging back into Supervisor, the SMS was in "handling" state.
  9. Supervisor had incorrect number of Contacts for an Agent displayed on the Contacts Monitor.
  10. Supervisor could only rate a call recording from 0-9 in the Recording Monitor; a rating of 10 could not be used.
  11. Supervisor or Agent could not stop a call recording that was initiated by either Supervisor or Agent the recording should be able to be stopped by the Supervisor or the Agent even if not the initiator.
  12. Broadworks registrar Agent could not pause or resume recording when Agent uses "Always recorded with pause/resume" profile.
  13. Updated list displays correct updated contacts in Supervisor Contacts Monitor.
  14. Agent licensing was being released with Agent signed out.
  15. Pausing of a recording that is already paused causes errors.
  16. When the load allowance was changed after an Agent accepted an interaction, the load allowance did not reset to the default load allowance after the interaction was completed.
  17. Agent was receiving more than one interaction at the same time before being in wrap up time.
  18. Agent in Break state could not conference another Agent into an external call.
  19. After an Agent initiates a consulted transfer that is declined by an HPBX Agent, when the call is transferred and accepted by the HPBX Agent the second time, the call cannot be ended.
  20. Call interactions transferred to unavailable agent was not transferred.
  21. Incoming interaction to Agent with auto answer is routed to abandoned call
  22. Direct calls were automatically answered when internal Agent call was received at the same time.
  23. Agent could incorrectly submit remarks to interaction via "Add remarks" when no remarks were added.
  24. The count for wrap up time was not including all wrap up time for Agent who called customer and customer did not answer; Agent waited some time before completing the call and this time should be included in the wrap up time.
  25. Internal interactions incorrectly increment count on BP Monitor until interaction is complete; interaction count is subtracted when interaction ends.
  26. Private interaction that were offered to available agent was not received.
  27. Connected calls that were declined by an Agent were being disconnected.
  28. After an HPBX Agent used Hold for a call interaction, Agent could not remove the call from hold.
  29. Abandoned calls were incrementing the missed call KPI.
  30. The KPI for queue time begins as soon as a callback is waiting for an Agent to answer.
  31. The KPI for attended transfer was not increasing after a completed transfer.
  32. Count for Total Answered as Consult KPI was not updated correctly for Agents who accepted a consulted call.
  33. Agent could not create an external chat with another Agent.
  34. Canned responses with images were able to be added to chat interactions instead of only to SMS; Chat interactions can only have canned responses without images.
  35. Uploaded canned response images for SMS were not correctly displayed to be used in SMS after upload and deployment.
  36. SMS canned responses with images could not be sent by Agent and Supervisor.
  37. Agent receives an error message after replying to a sent SMS.
  38. After adding image(s) to email body, images disappeared after navigating from email body.
  39. Agent transferring an email or chat to a busy Agent received incorrect message referencing a transferred call instead of email or chat.
  40. Text could not be pasted in an email.
  41. Emails with attachments could not have a email signature that was set up added to the email.

This release contains the following reporting enhancements:

  1. 7.03 report- Answer Rate and Service Level calculations now include Short Abandoned calls in the following fields: Abandoned Calls and %, Answer Rate % and Service Rate %
  2. 7.03 report- A new field, Short Abandons was added to the report for: The total of short abandons calls for the requested report interval.
  3. The following new routing data fields added to the 5.03 report: Client Name, Inbound Campaign Name, Product Name and Product Type.
  4. 6.04 report- Business Process filter in the 6.04 report changed to 2 separate filters: Initiated in Business Process and Completed in Business Process.
  5. 3.03 report- New parameters added: Current Assignments, Last Ended Assignments. Agent Start Date, and Agent End Date.
  6. 4.05 and 5.03 reports moved to be sourced from data warehousing instead of from history.
  7. 5.03 report- New filters added to Group By "Demands" or "Business Process".
  8. The filter option to display a language was removed from all reports.


This release contains the following reporting fixes:

  1. 6.03 report- The counter for dialer attempts in the 6.03 report was incorrectly increasing by an additional count beyond the setting in the "Attempts before failure" parameter in the Campaign monitor.
  2. 2.04 report Busy will include all busy time while on Ready, Backoffice or Handle Outgoing; the following report labels were changed: Ready changed to "Ready Idle", Handle Outgoing changed to "Handle Outgoing Idle", and Backoffice changed to "Backoffice Idle".

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