iOS: Mobile Release 22.6. for iOS supports devices with iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12 on an iPhone 5 and later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why can’t I change my username and password?

A. Username and password editing are not supported by the client. To edit your username or password, contact your local administrator.

Q: On the ‘Edit Login Info’ screen, what the “This Phone Number” field?

A: “This Phone Number” is in reference to the mobile phone number for your device. Please note, this is NOT your Evolve IP username/phone number. 

Q:  Why am I offline?

A.  If you have selected “Offline” status, you are shown as offline to others. Another possibility is that you may have lost your Internet connection. In this case, the client does not log out but rather enters an offline mode where a contact list is available but communication is not possible.

Q: Calls and Chat show unavailable, why?

A. There is no active network connection established to your mobile network or Wifi. 

Q:  Will I be able to see who is on a phone call if they do not have the UC-One application?

A.  No. The more people using the application, the more robust it is. Competitor applications work in this same fashion (ex. Skype for Business)

Q.  Can I install the application on more than 1 device?

A.  Yes. The application can be installed more than one device but your login session can only be active to one (1) desktop application, (1) mobile phone, and (1) tablet.