Some customers may wish to reuse their existing (bring your own device, or BYOD) handsets with Evolve IP's services. Evolve IP's network utilizes standards-based protocols, including Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for VoIP, and therefore handsets must use SIP to communicate on our network. Customers wishing to reuse Polycom (Poly) VVX phones running Skype firmware must first convert their phones to standard SIP. Below are steps provided by Poly on how to convert from Skype to open SIP firmware.  Once your device is running an open SIP firmware, Evolve IP's configuration servers can be used to maintain firmware and configurations going forward.

We suggest working with Poly support or with your equipment VAR if you have any questions or concerns with this process.

Per Poly, there are several ways to do the conversion:

Via configuration:


Via the phone’s local UI:

Via the phone web UI:

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