Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Skills-Based Routing?

A. SBR is a routing option that will properly align the “right” agent to each call by defining each agent’s skill levels (or proficiencies) with each call type.

Q. What if I want to change my queues back to priority routing? How easy is it for me to switch back?

A. First we recommend making the switch before or after business hours as not to interrupt your day to day operations.  However, the switch is very easy.  Within OSSmosis, under the Call Center Tab, select Routing next to the queue you wish to make the changes to.  Once selected, choose priority routing, the proper hunting type and save your changes.

Q.  What if I don’t think my skills-based routing is working?

A.  Log into the Supervisor Client and pull down reports that provide you with SBR data.  Two reports we recommend are the Presented Calls Report and the Agent Call by Skill Report, because they will provide you with the percentage of calls that were answered within each skill level.

Q. Where do I go if I want to make changes to an Agents Skill Level?

A. There are two options when changing an agents skill level. The first is logging into OSSmosis and utilizing the Find User > Services option which will enable you to configure the Call Center Premium Agents setting.  The second is under the Call Center Tab> Queue > Agents within the queue they are assigned.

Q. I don’t quite understand how skills based routing is supposed to work and the routing policy it is wrapped around.  Where can I find more information to get a better understanding?

A. There is a great document titled Skills-Based Routing: Best Practices on the Knowledge Base that outlines exactly what skills-based routing is and how it operates within a queue and call center.

Q. Do you have any documentation on how to implement SBR into my queues and make the necessary changes to my agents?

A. If you access the Knowledge Base you will find quick reference guides along with quick tip videos on how to make these changes, as well as referencing the Skills-Based Routing: Best Practices document.

Q. How do I know when Priority Routing kicks in vs Secondary Routing?

A. Priority Routing will kick in when you have one agent assigned to multiple queues with the same skill level.  If there are calls waiting in each queue the call that is delivered to the agent first will be based on your account level queue priority settings.

Secondary Routing will kick in if you have multiple agents with equal skill level assigned to them within the same queue.  If a call is waiting in queue the call will be delivered to the appropriate agent based on whether you have Circular, Uniform or Regular setup for the Secondary Routing.

Q. Which number represents the most skilled agent? 

A. SBR is based on a 1-20 scale, with 1 representing the highest skill level.

Q. How do I know if a queue is setup for Skills-Based Routing?

A. Clicking on an Agents name in the Supervisor client will show you all the queues an agent is assigned to.  If an agent has a N/A next to a queue under Skill Level it means that particular queue is not setup for SBR.

Q. Where can I see my Agents skill levels.

A.  You can see the different skill levels an agent is assigned in the Supervisor client as well as the OSSmosis Admin Portal within the Call Center tab.