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Tenfold Vendor Resources: 

Status Alerts from Tenfold:

Step 1: Phone System is Authenticated to Evolve IP's Platform 

This is the PRIMARY step that's managed by Evolve IP's UC Implementation team.

The Phone System authentication shows "Connected" is ready for your preferred CRM to be authenticated to the Tenfold dashboard:


Step 2: Tenfold IP Addresses to White list (OPTIONAL) 

This link points to the IP’s that require to be white-listed to seamlessly work with the Tenfold UI.

If the users that this solution will be deployed to are in the office; then it’s a one-time update to be made by your IT admins.

However, if the traffic is successfully traversing without issue on the current network, an update might not be required.

Step 3: Authenticate your CRM and Deploy Tenfold 



Client ADMIN master guide that provides an Onboarding checklist, process, training, review of features and functionality.

CRM Specific integration guides, videos walk-through, and end-user documentation are found below:

 Tenfold Dashboard: Admin Training

Information on Tenfold CRM UI's

All the Tenfold CRM downloads are based off of the same UI, meaning the end user experience is the SAME across all three software packages.

Salesforce Open CTI/Dynamics Embedded UI/ZenDesk Embedded UI: the version package is controlled by CRM admin and can be installed to sandbox or production.

Tenfold Chrome UI (updated): Chrome Extension download that is managed by Tenfold vendor. Updates to the extension is deployed with any bug fixes and/or Chrome Browser updates.

Tenfold Desktop App: Application that is downloaded and installed to local workstation. Is version controlled by CRM/IT admin to end users.

***PLEASE NOTE***: Tenfold Desktop Application requires Tenfold Click-to-Dial Chrome Extension for Outbound CTD calling. 

 Install Chrome Extension

 A. Salesforce Classic and Lightning

Salesforce Integration Guide

Tenfold Salesforce Desktop User Guide

Tenfold Salesforce OpenCTI User Guide 

 B. Microsoft Dynamics

B. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics Integration Guide

Installing the Microsoft Dynamics Embedded UI

Tenfold MS Dynamics (DESKTOP) User Guide

 C. Sugar CRM

C. Sugar CRM

SugarCRM Integration Guide

SugarCRM Advanced Options

Tenfold SugarCRM (DESKTOP) User Guide

 D. NetSuite

D. Netsuite

NetSuite RESTlet Setup

Netsuite – Saving Notes to a Contact

Tenfold NetSuite (DESKTOP) User Guide

 F. Bullhorn

F. Bullhorn

 G. ServiceNow

G. ServiceNow

Tenfold ServiceNow (DESKTOP) User Guide

 H. Oracle Sales Cloud

H. Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Integration Guide