Evolve IP’s Cloud IVR is fully integrated with the Call Center, and allows Evolve IP customers to reduce cost per call by automating customer interactions.  By utilizing a suite of pre-built scripts or designing a custom call flow Evolve IP customers can deploy Cloud IVR to provide more services to more customers at a lower cost than expensive on-premise solutions.




Self-ServiceCallers who can interact with Menus, enter DTMF, talk to the IVR, get connected
Routing Table

All routing is performed by AMP and resides in a table including Menus, Time / Holiday Schedules, Generic / Open / Closed Greetings, QCB, PCS, transfer to HPBX

From initial platform to final destination transfer

Use when Customer has large volume of inbound DIDs

Inbound Geo Routing

Any logical Routing

Caller enters a zip code

ANI / Caller ID based routing

Table lookups

AMP has tables that can hold data

Calls can be compared against data


Similar to Auto Attendant


Callers can be asked to enter a PIN before proceeding

Voice RecognitionCallers can talk to the IVR
Text to Speech

Consume API

Use Customer-provided APIs to lookup and typical take an action


Use when customer has data resident in their cloud or wants to keep control of the data compared to a Table

Publish APIAMP-provided custom API for a Customer to consume
Agent Screen Pop

Track inbound calls, collect DTMF entries like Zip Code

When Agents answer calls they will get a screen pop with AMP data

Requires Unity Agent or Broadworks Web Agent

Trunk Group UsersHow AMP and Broadworks HPBX transfer calls
Outbound call screening 

Customers develop a set of rules and provide a list of DIDs, time schedule, destination area codes, similar

Similar to a DNC list


  • Outbound SMS for Surveys


Standard CDR reporting

Report on anything within the IVR

CSV file

Delivered via email or FTP