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Version History


  1. Performance upgrades

  2. Session management improvements


  1. Better messaging to differentiate between new registrations and new sign ins.
  2. Only stop sending keep alives when a full offline status is detected.


  1. Improved handling of multiple Agent Registration events.


  1. Improved application recovery when there is a connection disruption.


  1. When an agent would update their dashboard view and change a card to show a different BP it would revert to the previous BP when they navigated away and back again to the dashboard view.  The card now retains the selected BP.
  2. Fixed Scheduling a Callback so it would save the first time an agent selected the Save button.


  1. Fixed updating Time Zone so it would save correctly when applied in settings
  2. Fixed Longest Waiting Time so it would update in real time
  3. Resolved issue with Callbacks to be Processed so it would update when callback was handled


  1. The My Dashboards Menu next to a unique dashboard would not open disabling the ability for the agent to delete the dashboard.
  2. When trying to edit or add a card to a dashboard the queue status is not displaying the correct Business Processes selected.
  3. Added a new setting: Default Outgoing Email Business Process.  Any new outbound email initiated by an agent will default to the email address chosen within this new setting.