Recommended Settings

When deploying Unity Agent to Call Center agents we recommend the following setting be used. Some organizations may want to use Unity Agent Templates to enforce many of these settings.  These are accessible in Unity | Settings button (or Tools | Settings) and found on either Services or Settings tabs.

Call Center

Join all my call centers

When Unity is StartingUnchecked

Leave all my call centers

When Unity is closedUnchecked


Include Call Center Calls in my call logsYes

ACD State


Desktop lockedUnavailable

Only show current ACD state buttonYes

Activate sign-out ACD state when Unity is closingActivate

StatisticsAgent Columns | NumberOfCallsUnansweredSet Column heading to “Bounced Calls”

Call Center Columns | TotalMissedCallsRemove

Call Center Columns | NumberOfCallsInQueueRemove

Call Center ColumnsAdd NumberOfCallsAbandoned field and Set Column heading to “Bounced Calls”



Show visual voicemail tabActivate

Send busy calls to voicemailActivate

Send unsanswered calls to voicemailActivate

Items below are available for template


Show missed call count in call log tabActivate

Contact Search

Include external contacts in searchActivate

Show monitored users firstActivate

Include Department name in searchDisable

Clear the search box when activatedActivate

Include Contacts when

The name contains the search criteriaActivate

Contact Display

Show call durationActivate

Menu Options when a call is dragged over a contact

Transfer call to extensionActivate

Transfer call to voicemailActivate

Transfer call to mobileActivate

Warm transfer call to extensionActivate

Warm transfer call to mobileActivate

Park call on extensionActivate

Current Calls

Resize the current call listActivate

Clipboard Integration


Outlook Integration

Load contacts from public foldersActivate

Load contacts from my private foldersActivate

Use Outlook cachingActivate

Call Notifications

Perform auto answer when using click to dialActivate

pop summary notificationActivate and 10 seconds

When call details clicked | pop UnityActivate


Startup ApplicationUnity Agent

Auto start Unity on operating system bootActivate


Auto update UnityActivate

Instant Messaging and Presence

Send Ims to offline UsersDisable

Show instant messages in docked panelActivate

Play a notification soundDisable

Show popup notifictionDisable


If the template can’t be loadedContinue loading Unity


Remember my login IDActivate

Remember my PasswordActivate

Call Centers

Default passwordenter password

Alert when a call center login failsActivate