Post Call Surveys (PCS) are surveys that can be set up in ECS Admin that allow a series of questions to be presented to customers.  The objective of the survey is to gather customer ratings and feedback about the experience of the customer with the Agent and/or business process.  Each organization can opt into including a PCS in a business process or channel.  If a customer in transferred to multiple Business Processes, the Business Process associated to the survey is the Business Process that a customer was in at time when opting into the survey.  The questions can be customized to include any Text To Speech (TTS) content.  Each question is either answered via selection of a numeric key or a recorded answer.  A user who interacts within the specified business process or channel receives the PCS when the Agent ends the interaction, and the agents are unaware of the inclusion of the survey in an interaction.  A customer can be given the choice to opt or out of a survey or the opt into a survey can be automatic based on the set up.  

In Setup, activities that are set up for Post Cal Surveys can include set up that allows the survey answers to be recorded and transcribed for voice recorded answers.  This provides more flexibility to surveys and ease of use to organization customers.  This set up is an option that is offered to all organizations and is available for configuration.  Questions for surveys can be defined and configured to collect information about the customer experience with Agents for telephony and chat interactions.  

The results of these surveys will be included in the following reports:

  • 9.01 - Post Call Survey (PCS) Detail- Provides detailed information about the survey taken for an Agent and the answers and/or feedback received
  • 9.02 – Post Call Survey (PCS) Summary Agent- Post Call Survey (PCS) Summary Agent- Provides the average scores of agents for a specific Post Call Survey across all Business Processes and/or a specific Business Process
  • 9.03 – Post Call Survey (PCS) Summary BP- Provides the average scores for a Post Call Survey across all Business Processes and/or a specific Business Process

See ECS Report User Guide for detailed report information:  ECS Reporting - Report User Guide - Evolve IP Knowledge Base - The Evolve IP Knowledge Base

Note: Existing Simple Play functionality can be used to include additional messages that need to be played for a PCS.

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