This release contains the following feature enhancements:

  1. New feature: Callback recording is a new feature that allows Agents to listen to recordings made by customers when a callback has been scheduled. These recordings provide additional customer information that will enable an enhanced callback experience.  The callback recording is customized by each organization so that each callback recording request is configured in ECS Set Up.  (See ECS Setup: Interaction Handling Flow: Voice Recorder - Evolve IP Knowledge Base - The Evolve IP Knowledge Base)  The callback recording is presented to the Agent as audio and a transcription that is displayed in the callback window after a callback offer has been accepted.  The Agent can set the callback recording to automatically start to play after a callback offer is accepted, and there are options to play, pause, rewind or fast forward the recording in the predefined time before a callback begins.  The callback recording is also displayed with pending callbacks in the Agent callback window and the Supervisor Callback Search. 
  2. New feature: Preview state is a new state that can be used for the state of callback interactions and Agents. When an interaction or Agent is in the Preview state, the state is highlighted in orange with the remaining time allowed in this state.  This is the state of an Agent and/or interaction before a callback or campaign begins.  For a callback, the Agent and interaction state is Preview after a callback offer has been accepted and before dialing to the customer starts.  However, the Agent state is only displayed as Preview if the offered callback is the initial interaction for the Agent.  During the time in Preview state, an Agent can review any information specific to the callback or campaign.  The Supervisor can set up the Preview state usage at the Business Process level in a Business Process monitor under Callback Timing.  In these tabs, Supervisors can determine when and if the Preview state is used and the maximum amount of time that an Agent can be in Preview state.   Supervisors can view the performance of Agents in the Preview state in the Agent Monitor.  In addition, the Supervisor has the following new counters that can be used to monitor Agents in Preview state:
    • Total Preview Time- The total amount of time that an Agent was in Preview state within a current shift.
    • Average Preview Time- The average amount of all time an Agent was in Preview state; all time in Preview state/ number of interactions with Preview state within a current shift.
    • Current Preview Time- The amount of time that an Agent is in Preview state for a current interaction.